SKA-low Station Calibration Florence Meeting

Villa Galileo, Via del Pian dei Giullari, 42, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy

The SKA-low Bridging project “the Project” is part of the SKAO Bridging phase. Primary aim of the Project is to mitigate the highest potential impact technical risks and gaps in the SKA-low station reference design as stated in the LFAA CDR panel report.  This is achieved by deploying a SKALA4 station investigating station calibratablity.

To follow up on this recommendation this task will perform a trade-off of frequency coverage against smoothness, stability and predictability of the station beam. This trade-off requires accurate station calibration and station beam calibration.

Goal of the meeting is to Evaluate Phase 1 of this project and converge toward a report that will be input to System CDR.

The first part of the meeting will take 3 days where the presenters (named in the agenda) are requested to present an outline of their contribution to the report including the supporting evidence for the statements.

In the following days smaller sessions can be planned in the Observatory of Florence to detail the contents of the report or discuss further work for completion of the report. Aim is to have an outline report ready for the adoption design review starting in the middle of July.

The meeting is invitation only and the organiser has the right to reject registrations for that reason.

  • Alessandro Mori
  • Alessio Magro
  • Andrea Mattana
  • André van Es
  • Antony Schinckel
  • Daniel Hayden
  • David Davidson
  • Davide Fierro
  • Eloy de Lera Acedo
  • Federico Perini
  • Giovanni Comoretto
  • Giovanni Naldi
  • Giuseppe Pupillo
  • Giuseppe Virone
  • Jader Monari
  • Joseph McMullin
  • Lorenzo Mezzadrelli
  • Luca Stringhetti
  • Marco Poloni
  • Marco Schiaffino
  • Maria Grazia Labate
  • Mark Waterson
  • Paola Di Ninni
  • Pieter Benthem
  • Pietro Bolli
  • Randall Wayth
  • Raunaq Bhushan
  • Robert Laing
  • Rui CAO
  • Simone Chiarucci
  • Simone Rusticelli
  • Stefan Wijnholds
  • Steven Tingay
  • Thomas Booler
  • Xiaohui Tao
The agenda of this meeting is empty