Mar 22 – 25, 2010
University of Manchester
Europe/London timezone
SKA 2010 Science and Engineering meeting
SKA 2010 is intended to be in the spirit of previous SKA science and engineering meetings, which were influential in shaping the direction of the SKA. However, now that the SKA has entered the system design phase, this meeting will have a greater focus on system and engineering decisions, and their impact on the scientific observations to be conducted by the SKA. SKA activity world-wide is gathering pace as the project moves towards funding and site decisions in a few years time. PrepSKA and its sub-system verification programs, TDP, SKADS, and the precursor and pathfinder projects, are all contributing to the body of knowledge needed for the costed system design and SKA implementation plan to be delivered at the end of PrepSKA. On the astronomical side, the SKA science case is being refined and deepened through the focus on multi-wavelength observations and science simulations being carried out around the world. The aim of SKA2010 is to bring the astronomical and engineering community together to discuss: * The latest astronomical results in SKA-relevant areas, * The status of engineering studies for the SKA systems and sub-systems, and * Design/science trade-off issues for the SKA. The results of these discussions are likely to have substantial impact on the direction of the international project, including a possible revision of the science priorities for the SKA.
University of Manchester
Whitworth Hall
Oxford street Manchester M139PL

Internet facilities at the venue are very limited. It's recommended that you arrange your own connectivity.

Registration Fee: GBP 50-00
Conference Dinner - 23 March 2010 (optional): GBP25-00
The above payments can be made by sending the SKA 2010 Registration Payment Slip to Lisa Bell by Fax: +44 (0)161 275 4049 / +44 (0)161 275 0486 or Email: