22-25 March 2010
University of Manchester
Europe/London timezone
SKA 2010 Science and Engineering meeting

The SKADS White Paper: Aperture Arrays for the SKA

25 Mar 2010, 09:55
Whitworth Hall (University of Manchester)

Whitworth Hall

University of Manchester

Oxford street Manchester M139PL


Dr Andrew Faulkner (University of Cambridge)


The SKADS White Paper is the consolidation of the work within SKADS and proposes an SKA system design which meets most of the science experiment requirements. The SKADS-SKA includes aperture array technology developed in SKADS, integration with dish collectors, and correlation and central processing scaling and implementation. The SKADS-SKA design is optimized for cost and performance. The technologies required on the timescale of the SKA are roadmapped using industrial consortia information e.g. the whole of the semiconductor industry. The potential risks associated are identified. The conclusion is that a very high performance SKA can be implemented that meets the principal science experiment requirements and also has the flexibility to make discoveries as yet unknown.

Primary author

Dr Andrew Faulkner (University of Cambridge)



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