2 October 2017
SKA Organisation
UTC timezone

It has now been agreed to adopt the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) for SKA Software Construction. This is a one day workshop for the construction consortia facilitated by a leading SAFe® consultant to help form a common vision as how elements of SAFe® should be incorporated into the SKA element construction proposals. Note that this will not be a general SAFe course for developers, it will just focus on helping us understand how SAFe may impact the construction proposals.

The workshop will be lead by Ian Spence of Ivar Jacobson International. A short biography of Ian can be found here.

The workshop is open to remote attendees. Please see the the box below for more information.


SKA Organisation
Steve Rawlings room
Jodrell Bank Lower Withington Macclesfield Cheshire, SK11 9DL, UK United Kingdom

The workshop is open to both local and remote attendees. If attending remotely, please tick yes for the "Attending by Vidyo?" entry in the registration. Vidyo contact information is as follows:

  • To join from your desktop or mobile device using the basic web interface, or to annotate with VidyoSlate on your iPad: Click http://skavid.org/n.rees
  • If the room link above fails, you can also try https://vidyo.skatelescope.org/flex.html?roomdirect.html&key=tyTZiGtuIeI0iz51fw12ZJsfZk
  • To join from another VidyoPortal using IPC: Enter n.rees@vidyo.skatelescope.org
  • To join from a non-Vidyo conferencing endpoint: Connect through a VidyoGateway using H.323 or SIP and enter meeting ID 69670
  • You can also join using a regular telephone for audio only; dial +44 161 768 0155x69670

NOTE: Any video, audio and/or materials viewed during this conference may be recorded.

Need help getting started? Check out the Vidyo Knowledge Center at http://www.vidyo.com/knowledge-center/