PI #5 planning meeting

Council Chamber (SKAO)

Council Chamber


Jodrell Bank Lower Withington Macclesfield, SK9 11FT
Ray Brederode (SKA SA)

The Program Increment planning meeting is the 3-monthly coordination meeting for bridging activities in the software domain.

Please find the detailed agenda here.

  • Adriaan de Beer
  • Andrew Ensor
  • Ben Lewis
  • Ben Stappers
  • Benjamin Shaw
  • Carlo Baffa
  • Christopher Williams
  • Grant Hampson
  • Juande Santander-Vela
  • Kechil Kirkham
  • Keith Bengston
  • Louisa Quartermaine
  • Marco Bartolini
  • Markus Dolensky
  • Maurizio Miccolis
  • Miles Deegan
  • Nicholas Rees
  • Nijin Thykkathu
  • Pamela Klaassen
  • Ray Brederode
  • Rodrigo Tobar
  • Sonja Vrcic
  • Stewart Williams
  • Ursula Badenhorst
  • Yuqing Chen
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