27 January 2022 to 14 February 2022
UTC timezone

The Science User Engagement (SUE) group of the SKA Regional Centre Steering Commitee is glad to announce the

SKA Regional Centre Training Event Series

Hands-on Containerization

This is the first event of a series that will drive the attendants to understand the basics and dig into more advanced knowledge of the technologies and instruments that will be useful to approach the Square Kilometre Array data. The event will be fully virtual, and it will consist of lectures, tutorials and practicals spread over 3 hour sessions twice a week for three weeks. The format will allow participation and engagement across different time zones.


for questions please email: SRCtraining@skao.int

Organisers: SRCSC WG6 TP3 core team

Anna Bonaldi (SKAO)

Marcella Massardi (INAF-IRA/Italian ARC)

Alex Clarke (SKAO)

Bruno Coehlo (Instituto de Telecomunicações Campus Universitário de Santiago, 3810-193, Aveiro, Portugal)

Laura Darriba (IAA-CSIC)

Philippa Hartley (SKAO)

Elisabetta Liuzzo (INAF-IRA/Italian ARC)

Suman Majumdar (Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India)

Michael Olberg (Onsala Space Observatory, Sweden)

Simone Riggi (INAF, Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania)

MCarmen Toribio (Onsala Space Observatory)

Confirmed Speakers:

Alex Clarke (SKAO)

Philippa Hartley (SKAO)

Mateusz Malenta (University of Manchester)

Marcella Massardi  (INAF-IRA/Italian ARC)

Javier Moldon (IAA-CSIC, Spain)

Manuel Parra (IAA-CSIC, Spain)