18-22 March 2024
Eurotel Victoria - Les Diablerets
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Scholarships for early career researchers

There are currently 2 scholarships programmes available. SKACH will be providing up to 10 scholarships for early-career researchers in Switzerland and SKAO will be providing 10 scholarships for international early-career researchers. Note these scholarships only cover conference costs and do not include participant’s travel. If you wish to apply please see below the criteria and process section.


  1. Must be an early career researcher: PhD student to max. 5 years post PhD graduation, after compensation for career breaks
  2. Must be currently affiliated with an academic institution, with priority given to applicants from developing countries, and conduct research in the field of cosmology (Astrophysics, Computer Science, Engineering, or related field) 
  3. Invitees must contribute to the scientific content of the event through giving a talk or presenting a poster
  4. Final selection will be done to ensure the widest range of diversity in topic, demographics, and geography. 


  1. Applicants will apply by mailing their CV and abstract (clearly stating if they want to present an abstract or a poster) and send both documents to the conference email CosmoAlps@epfl.ch  
  2. Each abstract will be reviewed by our panel of senior researchers in the field and evaluated for scientific excellence, timeliness and fit with the conference themes. Abstracts that meet all three criteria will make it to the next round.
  3. Abstracts that make it past the first round will then be linked to the submitter's resume and final score will be made based on diversity of subject, presenters demographics, and geography to allow for the widest representation possible.
  4. Applicants will be informed of their selection. A waiting list will be kept of all applicants that passed the first round of evaluation, and if a chosen applicant decides to turn down the scholarship, it will be awarded to the next most qualified candidate.