May 18 – 19, 2017
Cottons Hotel
UTC timezone

Scientific Program

The meeting programme will begin with a short introductory session to describe the specific measures that make up the preliminary cost reduction package. This will be followed by reports from the three Science Assessment Teams that are studying: (a) The impact of changes to the maximum baseline of SKA1-Low, (b) The scientific requirements needed to achieve precision pulsar timing, and (c) The impact of changes to the optimised frequency range of SKA1-Low. Scientific assessments of the cost-reduction options as a whole will then be presented by representatives of each of the thirteen Science Working Groups and Focus Groups, who will have coordinated discussion of these matters prior to the Town Hall. Presentations will be interspersed with Q&A sessions to enable further clarification and broader discussion of issues. The meeting will close with a short summing up of any areas of consensus and tension that may have emerged.