SKA Science Town Hall

Cottons Hotel

Cottons Hotel

Over the past several months there has been extensive activity directed at constraining the construction and operating costs of the SKA1 deployment as much as possible, without unduly impacting the scientific capabilities of the observatory. The SKAO has worked closely with the Design Consortia and was assisted by the Science Representatives of the SKA Board in this endeavour. The SKA Board of Directors have now accepted a preliminary package of cost reduction measures that will receive further technical development prior to a decision to update the project design. The package is constructed as an ordered list of measures that allow delivery of an Observatory for a prescribed budget, while permitting the straightforward reinstatement of any impacted capability with additional funding. Funding at the level of the SKA1 construction cost cap is sufficient to retain the ability to deliver every one of the “high priority science objectives” that were identified for the SKA1. This “Town Hall” meeting provides the opportunity to brief the scientific community on the preliminary package of cost reduction measures and for the community to report on their scientific assessments of such measures across the entire breadth of SKA science.
  • Alistair McPherson
  • Andrea Possenti
  • Angela Taylor
  • Anita Richards
  • Anna Scaife
  • Antonio Chrysostomou
  • Aris Karastergiou
  • Attila Popping
  • Ben Stappers
  • Catherine Walsh
  • Chiara Ferrari
  • Colin Lonsdale
  • David Bacon
  • Eduard Kontar
  • Erwin de Blok
  • Evan Keane
  • Fernando Camilo
  • Garrelt Mellema
  • Gary Davis
  • George Heald
  • Giovanni Fabrizio Bignami
  • Ian Harrison
  • Isabella Prandoni
  • Ishwara-Chandra CH
  • Izaskun Jimenez-Serra
  • J. B. Raymond Oonk
  • Jeff Wagg
  • Jess Broderick
  • Joeri van Leeuwen
  • John McKean
  • Jonathan Pritchard
  • Joseph Lazio
  • Justin Bray
  • Justin O'Byrne
  • Keith Grainge
  • Leon Koopmans
  • Marco Caiazzo
  • Mario Santos
  • Mark Sargent
  • Mark Thompson
  • Martin Hardcastle
  • Martin Meyer
  • Melvin Hoare
  • Michael Brown
  • Michael Jones
  • Michiel van Haarlem
  • Neal Jackson
  • Peter Dewdney
  • Peter Wilkinson
  • Philip Edwards
  • Ralph Spencer
  • Rene Breton
  • Richard Battye Battye
  • Richard Schilizzi
  • Rob Beswick
  • Robert Braun
  • Robert Ferdman
  • Roland Kothes
  • Rosie Bolton
  • Rossella Cassano
  • Roy Maartens
  • Serena Viti
  • Stefano Camera
  • Stephen Eales
  • Thijs (J.M.) van der Hulst
  • Tom Muxlow
  • Tom Oosterloo
  • Tyler Bourke
  • Zsolt Paragi
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