SKA History Conference

SKA Global Organisation Headquarters, Jodrell Bank Observatory, Lower Withington Cheshire SK11 9DL United Kingdom

SKA History Meeting

2nd Announcement, 7 December 2018

The meeting on the History of the SKA from the 1980s to 2012 will be held from 3 to 5 April 2019 at the SKA Organisation Global Headquarters at Jodrell Bank, UK.

The 1980s-2012 period covers the time from early ideas about a large radio telescope up to the SKA site decision made by the newly established SKA Organisation. This period of SKA history is the subject of a book in preparation by the undersigned.

Program (see “conference program” tab)

The program has two main components:

  1. Invited presentations on various themes (science, engineering, international collaboration, project politics and funding, site selection, industry engagement, and mega-science), and;
  2. Discussions, taking up about a third of the meeting, on topics that range over the various themes, and also reflect on the SKA as a mega-science project.

We expect the discussion periods will provide participants with an opportunity to contribute to the meeting in an informal way that encourages cross-fertilisation of ideas and insights about the history of the SKA, and increases our collective understanding of the development of the SKA and mega-science projects in general.


The deadline for registering and payment of the conference fee has been extended to Friday 18 January 2019. Late registrations after this date will be subject to an additional fee of £50.

Payment of the registration fee can only be done by bank transfer (see” conference payment” tab). Invoices for the fee can be issued by the SKA Organisation on request to the LOC ( An email receipt will be issued after payment has been received.

Hotel block booking

We have made a block booking for meeting participants at Cranage Hall near Jodrell Bank (see “venue and accommodation” tab). The deadline for the special rate is 20 February 2019. Bus transport for participants to SKAO Global Headquarters for the meeting will depart from and return to Cranage Hall on a daily schedule throughout the conference.

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will be held on the evening of 4 April at Cranage Hall; the cost of the dinner is included in the registration fee. Accompanying guests are welcome at the dinner which will cost £35 per person. This can be paid at the time of registration.

Any questions about payments and local arrangements can be directed to

We look forward to seeing you here at Jodrell Bank in April!

Richard Schilizzi, Ron Ekers, and Peter Hall

(on behalf of the SOC and LOC)

Registration Form
  • Anthony Barry
  • Anton Zensus
  • Arnold van Ardenne
  • Bernard Fanaroff
  • Carole Jackson
  • Colin Greenwood
  • Colin Lonsdale
  • Duncan Hall
  • Ethan Schreier
  • George Nicolson
  • Giampaolo Vettolani
  • Gregory Fahlman
  • Ian Corbett
  • Isak Theron
  • Jacob Baars
  • James Moran
  • Jan Noordam
  • Jill Tarter
  • Jingnan LI
  • John Womersley
  • Justin Jonas
  • Keith Grainge
  • Kenneth Kellermann
  • Leonid Gurvits
  • Lerothodi Leeuw
  • Markus Nordberg
  • Michiel van Haarlem
  • Patricia Vogel
  • Paul Alexander
  • Paul Furness
  • Peter Hall
  • Peter Tindemans
  • Peter Wilkinson
  • Phil Diamond
  • Phil Mjwara
  • Philip Crosby
  • Richard Schilizzi
  • Richard Wade
  • Rob Millenaar
  • Ron Ekers
  • Roy Booth
  • Sergei Gulyaev
  • Simon Berry
  • Stefan Michalowski
  • Thijs (J.M.) van der Hulst
  • Tony Beasley
  • William Garnier
  • Yu Lu
  • Zanming Liang
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