25-29 July 2011
SPDO, University of Manchester
UTC timezone

This workshop focuses on progress in algorithms, software and computing aimed at addressing the challenges of calibration and imaging of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), its pathfinders and other major new radio telescopes such as EVLA, ALMA, LOFAR, ASKAP, MeerKAT, ATA, FAST, MWA, LWA, PAPER/HERA, eMERLIN, GMRT, WSRT/APERTIF, etc.

The workshop is the 6th in a series, following the successful previous meetings held in Dwingeloo (2005), Cape Town (2006), Perth (2008), Socorro (2009), and Dwingeloo (2010).

We welcome presentations on topics from the previous meetings.  In addition, we welcome relatively new areas of investigation such as all sky imaging, wide field polarisation, and end to end pipeline processing.

We prefer attendees to give either a talk or present a poster.  At future meetings, invitations will be first sent to those who have done so.

The formal meeting will run 4 days from Monday July 25 to Thursday July 28.  As at previous workshops, on Friday morning there will be informal discussions of selected topics arising from the workshop.

SPDO, University of Manchester
Lovell seminar room 3.225
SPDO - Alan Turing Building, Upper Brook Street, M13 9PL

A block booking has been arranged at the Novotel Manchester.
Please access the website at the above link 06 for contact information.

SPDO Manchester contact is Duncan Hall: dhall@skatelescope.org