27-30 October 2010
St Anne's College Oxford
UTC timezone


Local Organising Committee:

Vanessa Ferraro-Wood

Billy Adams


Session Organisers:

Science : J Lazio

System : P Dewdney

Management : K Cloete

Dish Verification Program : N Roddis/TDP

Aperture Array Verification Program : JG bij de Vaate/A Faulkner

Signal Transport and Networks : R McCool

Digital Signal Processing : W Turner

Software and Computing: D Hall

Site Characterisation : R Millenaar

Breakout session/Workgroup meetings : B Adams / B Fanaroff


Each session organiser will draw up a session agenda and identify the presenters in consultation with the lead organisations, other contributing organisations and the WP2 meeting chairman.

Please contact Kobus Cloete (cloete@skatelescope.org) or Peter Dewdney (dewdney@skatelescope.org) for information and/or suggestions for the programme.