Feb 16 – 18, 2016
Trieste, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

The SKAO is proud to announce a series of workshops with the aim to improve the commonality across the SKA Telescopes’ Monitoring and Control Systems architecture at levels beyond the LMC. The aim is to develop a community of practice, create a common control framework, and establish a collaborative developer community.

SKAO believes that in this particular area it is worth investing some extra effort in order to guarantee the long-term cost effective maintainability of the Telescopes.

Building on the outcome of the LMC framework meeting in Trieste 2015, and the subsequent release of the LMC Interface Guidelines (LIG) document by TM after the SKA Engineering Meeting in Penticton, this series of workshops aims to provide a path to LMC harmonization, beyond the selection of TANGO as a control system framework. During this first Workshop, 2 days will be devoted to best practices, where consortia LMC developers are requested to attend.

The programme will run as follows:

  • On Day 1, Advance TANGO Training;
  • On Day 2, we expect to highlight cases sent by LMC developers/task leads, so that common needs are shared, together with prototyping efforts, potential stumbling blocks; Moderators will provide potential answers to those and draft potential approach, following TANGO principles.
  • On Day 3, attendants should find agreement in a harmonization roadmap during 2016, and drafting a document to be submitted for the SKA System Design review. LIG and Monitoring and control Architecture will be further discussed.


Trieste, Italy

Coordination Team:

  • Andrea Cremonini, SKAO ESE
  • Juande Santander Vela, SKAO ESE
  • Rodrigo Olguin, SKAO ESE
  • Riccardo Smareglia TM.LMC
  • Chaudhuri Subhroyoti TM.TEL

Local Organisation Committee 

  • Riccardo Smareglia
  • Cristina Knapic
  • SImonetta Fabrizio
  • Gabriella Schiulaz

LOC Contact Person :Cristina Knapic, phone: +39-040-3199276,e-mail: knapic@oats.inaf.it