Conference Presentations

            Day 1

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Speaker Title
Philip Diamond  Introduction to the SKA 
Robert Braun SKA Science objectives and KSP planning
Francisco Colomer [JUMPING] JIVE in support of SKA and VLBI
Zsolt Paragi Why VLBI with the SKA? / Workshop Goals
Evan Keane SKA Observing capabilities and architecture
Cormac Reynolds VLBI SWG: from requirements to science 
Christina Garcia Miro SKA-VLBI capabilities 
Antonio Chrysostomou SKA Operational Model
Tao An SKA Regional Centres and VLBI
Maria Rioja MultiView Cheatsheet
Richard Dodson Ultra-precise Astrometry with SKA-VLBI
Christina Garcia Miro SKA-VLBI Science Cases

            Day 2

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Speaker Title
Leah Morabito AGN-surveys at low frequencies with the ILT
Jack Radcliffe Wide-field VLBI surveys in the SKA-era
Preeti Kharb A look at Double-peaked Emission-Line AGN with VLBI
Pikky Atri Accreting Galactic black holes with SKA-VLBI
Marcello Giroletti GW-EM counterparts VLBI follow-up
Miguel Perez-Torres Supernovae and Nuclear Transients with VLBI
David Williams Energy Injection in the ULX Holmberg II X-1

            Day 3

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Speaker Title
Dana Simard Pulsar scintillometry with SKA-Low VLBI
Manisha Caleb Fast Radio Bursts with VLBI
Franz Kirsten Mapping the scattering screen of the Vela pulsar
Benito Marcote A possible connection between an orphan long GRB afterglow and FRBs
Yoon Kyung Choi Stellar Maser Astrometry with SKA-VLBI
Anita Richards How evolved stars contribute to the enrichment of the ISM?
Sandra Etoka Structural changes of stars at dawn and dusk of their evolution
Jan Forbrich Stellar VLBI Science: young stellar objects, active stars and exoplanets
Huib van Langevelde Galactic Structure through maser astrometry with VLBI@SKA
Hideyuki Kobayashi Cradle of Life Science with SKA and VLBI Networks in EA

            Day 4

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Speaker Title
John McKean Testing models for dark matter and dark energy with SKA-VLBI
Anna Bonaldi The SKA Data Challenge
Chris Phillips The LBA upgrade and role in SKA-VLBI
Mark Sargent Band 6 for SKA1-Mid
James Chibueze African VLBI Network (AVN): Catching Galactic Transient Events in the SKA Era
Rhodri Evans The Africa Millimetre Telescope as part of the AVN
Richard Schilizzi SKA and VLBI: a historical perspective on current challenges
Leah Morabito Breakout - AGN Discussion Summary
Hiroshi Imai Breakout - Stars and Astrometry Discussion Summary
Zsolt Paragi Breakout - Transients Discussion Summary