Nov 27 – 29, 2024
Europe/Zurich timezone

Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline

IMPORTANT IMFORMATION - Please note abstract submission is limited to 500 words.

PAERI24 Call for abstracts

The PAERI’24 organising team is delighted to invite abstract submissions from the community to present their work at the 5th conference on Public Awareness and Engagement with Research Infrastructures.

2024 sees a divided world, where investments and trust in fundamental research continue to remain under pressure from important global challenges. It’s therefore even more crucial for our communications to be visible and make the case for research infrastructures’ role in society. In this context, and in honour of this year’s host Switzerland, located at the heart of Europe with its four official languages and 26 cantons, the overarching theme of the conference is “Communication across borders”.

These can be geographic and linguistic borders, but also more abstract ones: borders between cultures, backgrounds, and ideas.

Plenary talks

Under the main theme, the organising team has identified four topics that will form the four plenary sessions of the conference and invites abstract submissions for 15 minute talks in those sessions. Together they aim to address some of the current hot topics in our field.

• Communicating across borders;
• How humans behave – learning from social sciences, communicating across cultures;
• Developing diversity-sensitive and inclusive communication;
• Combating misinformation through science communication.

In line with PAERI's hands-on focus, we encourage presentations to include a slide on any lessons learned in the process and a slide with tips and tricks that participants can learn from and make use of.

Lightning talks

Additionally, we are welcoming submissions for lightning talks at the end of each day. These short, punchy 3 minute talks can be on any topic related to the main theme of the conference “Communication across borders”, and we encourage you to be creative in your topic and delivery!

Skills workshops & parallel talks

We have also identified several topics on which we would like to invite abstracts for talks or workshops to impart hands-on knowledge and skills. Knowledge-sharing is the heart of PAERI, which aims to facilitate the exchange of good practices and help equip its community with new skills.

o Ensuring professional organisational communication (writing skills, public-speaking skills, etc.)
o Multimedia communication (filming & interviewing, video production, podcast production, etc.)
o Branding and strategic communication (brand management, internal comms, etc.)
o Designing communication across audiences and cultures (translation, communication styles, etc.)
o Using AI in communication (ChatGPT & other tools, ethics, etc.)
o How to engage scientists in outreach (volunteering, open days, etc.)


Abstract submissions are open until Sunday 14 July 2024. We encourage participants to submit their abstracts early to help us with the planning of the conference.
Presenters can expect to hear about their abstracts by the end of August 2024.

Presenting remotely

We strongly encourage all presenters to attend in person and preference will be given to in-person talks during abstract selection to allow for maximum interaction with attendees. In exceptional circumstances, remote presentations can be supported, however, live two-way exchange during the event will be difficult due to the technology available at the venue.

The call for abstracts is open
You can submit an abstract for reviewing.