Nov 27 – 29, 2024
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Morges - City Information

Welcome to Morges! 

Please find below different visiting options that are available during your stay. 


Morges Castle

Once a fortress charged with defending the town in the Middle Ages, the Château de Morges is now a major cultural and leisure attraction, housing five museums: the Vaud Military Museum, the Swiss Museum of Historic Figurines, the Artillery Museum, the Gendarmerie Museum and the Paderewski Museum.

Temporary exhibition at the Château de Morges until 15 December: Y A LE FEU AU LAC 

The temporary exhibition at Morges Castle explores the impact of environmental events on the lives of Swiss people, past and present. Five main themes are explored: natural and human disasters, food shortages, epidemics, energy challenges and the fears generated by these insecurities through the ages.

  • Opening hours of the Château de Morges

November: Tuesday to Sunday: 10am-5pm

Free entry every first Sunday of the month



  • Bolle Museum

Immerse yourself in captivating exhibitions about Morges and the surrounding region, housed in a superb 18th-century mansion. The museum highlights the rich cultural heritage of Morges and the surrounding area through a series of temporary exhibitions. At present, we have no information on which exhibition will be on in November.

  • Opening hours:

30 March to 12 December: Wednesday to Sunday: 2pm-5pm

  • Alexis Forel Museum

Located in Morges' charming pedestrian Grand-Rue, a 16th-century mansion houses the Museum Alexis Forel. This multidisciplinary museum highlights the Swiss art scene through its fine art collections. We currently have no information on the exhibition that will be on show in November.

  • Opening times : 

Wednesday - Sunday: 2 - 6 pm

  • Maison du Dessin de Presse

The Maison du Dessin de Presse is the main exhibition, consultation and promotion center for press cartoons in French-speaking Switzerland. Opened in 2009, this space, located in the city's Bernese attic, supports and promotes press cartoons by organizing three or four temporary exhibitions a year, as well as one-off events with cartoonists.

  • Opening times:

Wednesday - Friday: 2pm-6pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: 2pm-6pm

  • Espace 81

At Espace 81, located at 81 de la Grand-Rue, temporary exhibitions offer a diverse and contemporary exploration of different themes. Its main mission is to present regular temporary exhibitions that showcase local artists, celebrate craftsmanship and support projects of public interest. We currently have no information about the exhibition that will be on in November.

  • Opening times: 

Monday to Sunday: 8am-6pm


Maison de la Rivière

Located in Tolochenaz, near Morges and Lake Geneva, the Maison de la Rivière is a modern educational centre dedicated to nature. In perfect harmony with the River Boiron, this exceptional site offers interactive indoor exhibitions as well as educational and fun outdoor activities. The Maison de la Rivière has two main missions: fundamental and applied research, and environmental education in line with the principles of sustainable development. At present, we have no information on the exhibition that will be held in November.

Opening times:

  • From 1 April to 31 October 2024: Monday 10am-6pm, Wednesday to Sunday 10am-6pm
  • From 1 November 2024 to 31 March 2025: Wednesday 10am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm



Located at the summit of the La Côte vineyards, between Morges and Nyon, the Arboretum invites you to explore 200 hectares of splendour. This landscaped park is home to more than 3,000 trees from the world's temperate climates. A walk that is both enriching and enchanting! A number of walks are available. There is also the Musée du Bois in the park to learn more about wood and wood-related trades.

  • Opening times:

Tuesday to Sunday 10am-6pm


Jan Michalski Foundation

The Jan Michalski Foundation, located in Montricher, offers a setting entirely devoted to literature, bringing together residences for writers, a library, an auditorium and an exhibition hall under a remarkable canopy that blends perfectly with nature. Nestled in a magnificent landscape at the foot of the Jura mountains, with views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, it offers an exceptional setting for literary creation and contemplation. We currently have no information about the exhibition that will be held in November.

  • Opening times: 

Tuesday to Friday: 2pm-6pm 

Saturday to Sunday: 11am-6pm



  • Morges market: every Wednesday 8.30am-1pm and Saturday 8.30am-2pm

Throughout the year, a traditional market brings Morges' pedestrianised Grand-Rue to life. Local artisans and traders sell their wares: fruit, vegetables, cheeses, meats, cold meats, crafts, local produce and much more. 

  • St-Prex market: 24 November 10am-4pm and 29 December 10am-4pm

The Saint-Prex market stretches from the Place de l'Horloge to the Grand-Rue, with around fifty stalls selling crafts, wine and food. You will find a wide range of culinary specialities representing 10 nationalities, to taste on the spot or to take away.

  • Morges Christmas Market: 30 November to 15 December 2024. Wednesday to Friday: 4pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-9pm and Sunday 10am-7pm

Every year, the Morges Christmas Market lights up the courtyard and gardens of the medieval castle. Around twenty typical chalets line the gardens, with a large tent in the centre for food and drink. The cellars offer a historic space and the inner courtyard houses several tents, creating a festive atmosphere in the heart of Morges Castle.


From July 2024: Détective-Trail Morges: The Secrets of the City

From July 2024, there is a completely new way to discover Morges with the arrival of the Détective-Trail. Dive into a thrilling adventure through the picturesque streets of the town, where every corner hides a mystery to be solved. As a family, with friends or on your own, hunt for clues and explore the hidden treasures of Morges while having fun. This interactive experience promises unforgettable moments, combining discovery and entertainment. Embark now on a fun and rewarding tour of Morges!

Accessible all year round. Tickets can be purchased online or at the Morges Tourist Office.

  • Opening hours of the Tourist Office in November:

Monday: 1pm-5pm

Tuesday to Friday: 9am-12.30pm and 1pm-5pm