17-21 October 2011
Chancellors Conference Centre (Manchester, UK)
Europe/London timezone

Review of SKA Phase 1 DRM (Rev 2.0)

Review of the SKA Phase 1 DRM


The SKA1 System Requirements Review (SRR) Baseline candidate of the DRM is now available for review. The document will be reviewed utilising the Observation/Action Register (OAR) process. Links to the SKA1 DRM under review, the OAR template and Joe Lazio’s presentation on this subject can be found below.


Rules of the review:

  • The SKA1 DRM must be reviewed using the OAR mechanism (template below). This will ease consolidation of observations once all the inputs have been received. All other forms of comments will not be accepted.
  • Please send completed OARs to Tim Stevenson (stevenson@skatelescope.org), copied to Joe Lazio (lazio@skatelescope.org).
  • Please complete the 'Type' column in the OAR by selecting one of three options from the drop box:
    • Typo - for observations/comments on typing errors
    • Minor - for observations/comments on minor numerical or logical errors
    • Major - for observations/comments on major numerical or logical errors
  • Please make complete observations/queries. In other words: observations should be followed by an explanation and/or a suggestion in the form of suggested replacement text.


The deadline for submission of completed OAR's is 1 December 2011.




Links to documents


Document:         THE SQUARE KILOMETRE ARRAY DESIGN REFERENCE MISSION: SKA PHASE 1, Document number: SCI-020.010.020-DRM-002, Rev 2.0, Dated 2011-09-23.



Document:         Observation/Action Register Template for review of the SKA Phase 1 DRM Rev 2.0



Presentation:    Copy of Joe Lazio’s presentation during the 2011 Annual WP2 Meeting with regards to the review process.



Website:             The link to the website where copies of these documents can be found is: