27 Nov 2019, 09:30


Operations: The Low Frequency Array (LOFAR): Operational Challenges and Lessons Learned

  • Carole Jackson (ASTRON)

Operations: Splinter Sessions: Operations Workshop

  • Antonio Chrysostomou (SKA)

Operations: The Measurements and Calibrations for Radio Telescope

  • Jinqing Wang ()

Operations: The "feed indexer": lesson learnt and facilities for testing and commissioning

  • Renato Aurigemma (SAM-Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea)

Operations: HI Intensity mapping with MeerKAT and 1/f noise analysis

  • Yi-Chao Li (UWC)

Operations: Science Operations for the VLA & VLBA; Application to SKA

  • Bryan Butler (NRAO)

Operations: Traceability equals more up time - speeding up problem solving

  • Rupert Spann (SARAO)

Operations: MeerKAT engineering update and lessons from integration

  • Thomas Abbott (SKA SA)

Operations: SKA-VLBI capacity and technique

  • Cristina Garcia Miro (SKAO)

Operations: VLA Operations

  • Peggy Perley (NRAO)

Operations: SKA Logistics Modelling

  • Andreas van Zyl (SKA Organisation)

Operations: A day in the life of MeerKAT Operations

  • Lindsay Magnus (SKA SA)

Operations: MWA Operations

  • Melanie Johnston-Hollitt (Peripety Scientific Ltd)

Operations: Controls to Manage Radio Frequency Interference in a Radio Astronomy Environment

  • Abraham Johannes Otto (SKA-SA)

Operations: SKA Operations Plan

  • Antonio Chrysostomou (SKA)

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