12-16 June 2017
UTC timezone

Poster Marathon

Poster Marathon Session - Tuesday 13th June - 12:00 - 12:30pm

For those selected for poster presentations, we are planning to have a 'poster marathon' on Tuesday lunchtime where each person will be given one minute to present a single powerpoint slide on their work. Those whose names do not appear on the list, but have submitted a poster, please contact j.diamond@skatelescope.org

ID Author/s Title
1 Xuelei Chen et al. The Tianlai HI Intensity Mapping Experiment
2 Mingmin Chi et al. A Pulsar Search Pipeline by Deep Learning Technique
3 Markus Dolensky et al. SDP Preservation System
4 Hao Dong et al. Optimisation of the Gridding Algorithm on the Xeon Phi processor
5 David Gozzard et al. Progress and Status of UWA's SKA Stabilized Frequency Reference Systems
6 Hiroshi Imai et al. Progress of engineering works towards SKA in Japan
7 Quihong Li et al. Bridging Astronomical Data Flow Pipelines and Big Data Execution Frameworks
8 Yuan Luo et al. Estimation on feasible data flow in uncertainty network
9 Katleho Madisa et al. The Local Monitoring and Control Simulation Framework Prototype
10 Ying Mei et al. Running Heterogenous Application (SAGECal) Under DALiuGE Execution Frame
11 Francesco Romano et al. A second-order spherical space-time Tomography of the universe dark emissions A second-order spherical space-time domain Tomography Gr, EM, emissions from the dark universe
12 Hermine Schnetler et al. Structure for Success
13 Hanno Spreeuw et al. Implementing a GPU version of the SumThreshold algorithm for RFI mitigation in the codebase of the Time Domain Team
14 Bo Wang et al. Tsynchronization - Tsinghua's Involvement in Frequency Synchronization of SKA